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Explore our Resource Center to gather industry-leading insights on engaging programming, the power of wellness technology, and the science of preventative care.

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Virtual Call on Laptop

CareATC develops virtual coaching during the onset of the pandemic using CoreHealth’s technology.

Downloadable tools

The process of developing or improving your wellness programming can be a daunting task.
We have a variety of downloadable tools to help.

Business model & revenue calculator

We’ll share highlights of successful wellness company business practices and give you a revenue calculator in an Excel format so you can easily experiment with industry pricing.

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Corporate wellness technology checklist

Gather a high-level overview of must-have features and functionality as you research your technology options with the Corporate Wellness Technology Checklist.


Wellness program design thinking roadmap

Take your wellness programs to the next level by incorporating design thinking — a methodology of solving complex business problems with a human-centered approach.


Wellness 101 guide for benefits brokers

As a broke,r you’re on the front-lines fielding questions about everything from benefits and HR to health and wellness. Our guide will arm you with some basics of how to 'talk the talk'. Understand the pros and cons of hiring in-house wellness staff or partnering with third-party wellness vendors to deliver wellness to clients.

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Introductory Guide to Employee Wellness Platforms-08

Introductory guide to employee wellness platforms

Employee wellness platforms are a website or app used to host worksite wellness programming. Learn about platform tools and components that make for an engaging, easily accessible wellness program.

Comprehensive guide to wellness technology

Wellness technology provides organizations with the infrastructure to efficiently identify health risks, introduce data-driven interventions, and create impactful programming.

Using the CoreHealth Platform
Duo Coaching Session

Guide to employee health coaching

If you’re ready to take your corporate wellness programs to the next level, employee health coaching is a great option—with proven results.

10 signs it’s time to switch your wellness portal

As health and wellness programs evolve in variety and sophistication, and as participants become more tech-savvy, the demands on your corporate wellness portal are changing too. Learn the 10 signs that may indicate it's time to change switch your wellness portal.

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Tip sheets

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9 benefits of joining occupational health and employee well-being programs

If you have an occupational health and safety program, it might be time to consider adding an employee wellness program. Find out how these two programs support each other and ultimately improve employee well-being!


Selling Wellness to C-suite
Tips for gaining c-suite leadership support for well-being programs



Telemedicine on Laptop
10 reasons why telemedicine should be part of your wellness strategy

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White papers

Build or Buy Wellness Technology

Build or buy wellness technolgy?

Having robust technology supporting your wellness program can be a key competitive advantage for any wellness company or a powerful advantage to employers wellness benefits programs. This white paper will help you decide if you should build your own, buy a market-ready solution or outsource.

white paper

Global privacy: personal health information

Numerous myths and misunderstandings exist related to the storage of personal information or data around the world, particularly sensitive Personal Health Information (PHI). Learn about global privacy based on our consultations with information privacy experts.

RFP resources

Wellness portal agenda and demo script

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Wellness portal evaluator scorecard

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Workplace wellness blog

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