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Global Health & Care Organization

Global health & care organization launches workplace wellness challenge

A leading global health and care organization believes the wellbeing of the company and customers starts with their own people. Equipping their people with tools and information supports them to be the best they can be, every day.

Their global health insurance business partnered with CoreHealth, a leading Corporate Wellness Platform, to power a 3-week wellness challenge. They aimed to engage their 1,800 employees around the world to boost health, connect with each other and give back to the community. They wanted a wellness technology that could deliver results - for their own people and their clients.


As a global health and care organization, they are committed to helping their people to be the best they can be everyday, by providing flexible work environments and supporting health and wellbeing in the workplace.

They were looking for fitness challenge ideas for groups to engage their global population and sought a partner to help them deliver. The movement wellness challenge was launched, with the help of CoreHealth, to engage their people from around the world, to create stronger relationships with each other and promote health and wellbeing through a fun, friendly competition.

As a global health and care organization, it is always top of mind for them to find ways for their people to stay connected with one another across their 25 locations around the world. As part of their annual employee feedback surveys, they identified four areas of interest from their people:

  1. Offer more opportunities to connect with the community through volunteering or other charitable activities.
  2. Develop and maintain stronger connections with their colleagues around the globe.
  3. Empower employees to take an active role in their own health and make small or big changes to improve their wellbeing while having fun.
  4. Participate in the organization’s solutions and provide product feedback, for broader feedback.

What they did

They conducted a market scan to select a wellness technology partner that could power their internal movement campaign and could meet the unique needs of their global populations.

Engagement in Numbers: Target: 30% | Actual: 60%

  • Over 1,800 total eligible employees
  • 60% of eligible employees registered for the challenge
  • 75% of registered employees were active through the challenge

After extensive research and vendor evaluations, they decided on CoreHealth’s corporate wellness platform. This campaign was designed to meet their engagement objectives using the CoreHealth platform.

They selected CoreHealth, a leading corporate wellness platform vendor, for some key reasons:

  • Global Solution – platform can be tailored for different languages, cultures and geographies.
  • Flexibility – platform is very flexible and could incorporate charitable giving (which was a priority), gamification, message boards and the ability to accommodate company-wide, team and individual challenges.
  • Custom Branding – platform can be easily branded and tailored to their specific brand guidelines.

"CoreHealth support team is very responsive. The platform has helped us engage a lot of people, regardless of their location, contributing to behavior change and an overall healthier and engaged work environment.” 

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

The challenge was fun and engaging. Employees ‘virtually’ moved around the world to visit all of the 25 global locations. Steps were tracked on a world map through the platform which helped to engage employees and see their progress. After initial setup, the platform synced to wearable devices making step tracking easy and automatic, alternatively people could manually enter their activity. Any activity counted, making the challenge accessible to all. 

we were able to talk to our new colleagues in Miami about stuff that was non-work related and we could therefore find out more about them. Everyone inspired each other. Please do it again!”

Participant Feedback from Copenhagen

“I thought its impact went way beyond my expectations - my team was quite competitive, and it meant we were able to talk to our new colleagues in Miami about stuff that was non-work related and we could therefore find out more about them. Everyone inspired each other. Please do it again!” - Participant Feedback from Copenhagen

Each time the team reached one of the six main offices approx. $1,500 USD was donated to Unicef’s Ecuador Earthquake fund. In total almost $8,000 USD was donated. Team and individual prizes were also given out during the challenge (including $4,000 USD to charities of team’s choice). Participation and excitement took off!


The implementation process and final results were impressive:

  • Challenge setup – the platform was easy to bespoke, surpassing expectations. Internal senior stakeholders were engaged 5 months before the challenge started and partnership with Core Health was initiated 3 months before the challenge.
  • Communication - was rapid and frequent using a combination of champions, in-person meetings, posters, emails and the platform’s social tools.
    • General Managers created videos for key location milestones which were embedded into the portal to keep employee momentum going.
    • 59% of emails about the challenge were opened (vs. typical rates of 50-55%).
    • 43% of employees read every single email sent about the challenge
  • Senior leadership champions - senior leadership were challenge champions and participants. They encouraged their teams to participate which helped with program engagement and overall success.43% of employees read every single email sent about the challenge
  • Local challenge champions - a network of employees in each location ran employee engagement activities and events to get people active.
  • Participant feedback - 96% of participants wanted the challenge to run again next year.
  • More movement - 84% of participants said the challenge contributed to them moving more.
  • Average daily steps - each participant logged an approx 9,282 steps per day vs. the average sedentary person of 4,000-5,000 steps. In total the team moved over 121,249Km.

This global health and care organization is underway with developing a holistic health and wellbeing program for their people. The success of this initiative has sustained momentum and maintained this as a business priority.

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