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CoreHealth Pro helps wellness providers scale their digital solutions with a fully configurable and bespoke health management platform.

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Get your wellness expertise in your clients' hands

Specially designed to help wellness and service providers offer programs on a robust, integrated platform, CoreHealth Pro is truly all-in-one. Pro’s white-labeled platform streamlines the delivery of your digital solution, gives you valuable analytics, allows you to run multiple programs at once, and fully engages and activates your clients, members, and participants.

The science of prevention, the art of engagement, & the power of technology working together

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Platform features

Targeted health and well-being assessments
Assess total health

Targeted health & well-being assessments

A suite of science-based and validated assessments address multiple dimensions of participants' health, including physical, mental, psychosocial, and financial well-being. CoreHealth’s assessments are culturally appropriate and available in 26 languages. 

gain total health insights

Robust reporting & recomendations

Get an overall view of your participants’ health trends to drive informed decisions about your program’s strategy. Compare your clients’ data to our global benchmarks, stratify in a multitude of ways, and track impact over time.

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CoreHealth Infection Protection Challenge
Drive higher engagement

Wellness challenges

Use the challenges as-is or customize them. Topics include physical activity, nutrition, weight management, financial and social well-being, and more. These personal, buddy, family, and team challenges promote collaboration and communication.

Inspire lasting behavior change

Micro-learning programs

Self-paced learning programs promote resiliency, mindfulness, and improved mental health. Deliver content using a micro-learning methodology that makes it easy to digest.

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create meaningful interactions

Digital coaching tools

With secure coach/client communication tools, facilitate 1:1 or group coaching sessions via messaging, video chat, or email. Create coach-led or self-directed digital programs. Leverage digital coaching programs that are available through our best-in-class integration partner network.

Inspire and motivate participation

Rewards and incentives

Incentivize your users for most any action they take within the platform through our incentives hub. Create outcomes-based and participation-based programs. Gain access to rewards through our wellness incentive integration partners. 

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Editing Wellness Technology
full control over program delivery

Content management

Pull all your content together onto a consolidated platform with editing tools that allow you full creative, development, and deployment control - plus the ability to update your content anytime.

plan and connect


Give your clients and participants the power to schedule in-person and/or virtual events and appointments through the platform’s event calendar.

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expand your programs and content

Integration capabilities

Integrate your current wellness programs, benefits provider, or health services to the platform to enable seamless transfer of data and a smooth user experience.


Clients we serve

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A platform as dynamic as your clients

Meet your customers, participants, and members where their health and well-being are today and be with them every step of the way as they make healthy choices and changes.

Highly configurable platform

Launch a highly configurable, customized, white-labeled platform that scales as your business needs develop.

Customized & personalized

Develop unique and targeted programming with our modular wellness content programs — or build your own.

Seamless user experience

Consolidate all health and wellness programs & services onto a single platform to improve engagement.

Implement your program with ease

Allow our technology experts to build your custom platform and tailor your program's workflows.

Integration partner network

Deliver quality well-being content and informative interventions with our best-in-class integration partners.

Bring your data together

Gain end-to-end participant insights, trends, and results for greater programming intelligence.


Our integrated partners

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“The flexibility and ease of customization were a few of the top reasons we chose CoreHealth. They strive for greatness and are always quick to assess our needs as customers. The constant development of new features keeps the software fresh and fun!”

- Brittany D, Sterling

“The product is very flexible and can be configured to serve a multitude of needs and interests, allowing us to deliver inclusive wellness programming for multi-national companies. It is easy to create new programs, modify existing offerings, and deliver an exceptional user experience.”

- Matias Golob, Founder, Konnected Well-Being

“CoreHealth has enabled us to grow our business as a wellness vendor by helping us provide a quality user platform at an affordable price. The relationship manager, and the entire customer support team are easy to work with, endlessly helpful, and just wonderful people all around. This small team puts out a big product that’s worth every penny.”

- Lacey Hadden, Wellness Program Consultant, Mercy Care Business Health Solutions
Mercy Care Business Health Solutions

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