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CoreHealth Checkpoint’s turn-key, modular assessments give essential insights into the health and productivity of your workforce to minimize future risks and maximize health program results. 

CoreHealth Checkpoint
Delivery Driver Health Score
Assessing health risks for global organizations

Capture employees' total health & well-being

CoreHealth Checkpoint’s science has guided global organizations towards better employee health and well-being. How? By providing a baseline understanding and monitoring progress. Check core areas of your population including biometrics, lifestyle, psychological, organizational, and financial well-being.

The science of prevention, the art of engagement, & the power of technology working together

83 millions steps logged per day on the CoreHealth Platform
Assessments per Year
Targeted health and well-being assessments
assess holistic health

Targeted health & well-being assessments

A suite of science-based and validated assessments address multiple dimensions of employees' health, including physical, mental, psychosocial, and financial well-being. CoreHealth’s assessments are culturally appropriate and available in 26 languages.

gain total health insights

Robust reporting & recommendations

Get an overall view of your employees’ health trends to drive informed decisions about your wellness strategy. Compare your data to internal global benchmarks, stratify in a multitude of ways, and track impact over time.

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raise employees' awareness

Take the first step towards improved health

Checkpoint identifies employees’ health risks with an intuitive user interface, all in full confidentiality. Empower your employees to better manage their health and well-being with targeted recommendations and resources based on assessment results. 


No guessing.
Just science-based, validated health assessments.

Benefit from our health risk assessment expertise. We've served Fortune 10 and 500 companies for 20+ years.
Globally relevant

Conversational, culturally sensitive assessments available in 26 languages to connect with and speak to your global workforce.

Robust data analytics

From biometrics and lifestyle to organizational and mental health, get key 360° data insights with Checkpoint.

Benchmark data

Compare your employees’ physical, mental, and environmental health to 1M+ previously assessed individuals.


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