Corporate Wellness Platform

CoreHealth is the all-in-one platform for corporate wellness innovators

Improving your corporate wellness programs and building your company starts with having the best technology and tools. The CoreHealth platform gives you the freedom and flexibility to try new ideas and gain new customers.

Growing a business is about more than increasing your customer base - you need to keep those customers happy too! CoreHealth gives you the agility and adaptability to scale your programs as you expand – to new divisions, new customers,

and new locations. The CoreHealth team and technology flex to accommodate all your customers’ needs, anywhere, anytime.

You need to be able to do the 'handstand-touch-your-nose-with-your-toes' pose, today and tomorrow. We get that.

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All-in-One Corporate Wellness Platform

CoreHealth brings all your corporate wellness programs into one place. Health assessments, biometric management, education, challenges, self-help programs, coach facilitation, incentives, surveys, conversations — and more.

Organizations trust CoreHealth because we provide the technology only and leave the health and wellness programs to you — making sure that your ideas and innovations are safe, secure and protected.

Wellness. Go further faster.

Go Fast

Need to adapt fast? Transform your portal to match your brand and create dedicated sub-sites for customers with quick clicks - no programming required. With easy customization tools, you can tailor the look-and-feel in minutes.

This helps you get straight to what matters most – fast setup and customer onboarding plus fanatical customer service. Design and deploy simple and fun wellness programs in hours - and robust ones in days.


Go Wide

Need new program options? CoreHealth plays well with others. Get access to over 140 unique wellness innovations with seamless integration to devices, apps, services and content in the CoreHealth Wellness Network. A proven ecosystem of wellness options that are easily customized for our open, extendable platform.

The CoreHealth Wellness Network makes it easy to find and use the best tools that integrate with all your corporate wellness programs. Do you have a creative wellness initiative? Join the Network and go global - the world is waiting.


Go Deep

Supercharge your programs and put an end to same old, same old. You need fun, stimulating programs packed with motivators to grab your audience now and for the long term with challenges, campaigns, trackers, gamification, rewards and more.

Our extensive engagement toolkit makes it easier for you to inspire all kinds of people in all kinds of places.


Feature Highlights

  • Tailored by you – Configure and customize the platform to each company, their employees and activities — no programming required.
  • Best practices – Configure from the ground up or work with our wellness experts, using best practices to get up and running fast.
  • Driven by data – Get custom reports, site statistics and visual dashboards to monitor customer success and drive change.
  • Engaging user experience – Motivate and support employees on their wellness journey with coaching, incentives, gamification, mobile optimization, social networking and rewards.
  • Craft & communicate – Chat with users, encourage through conversation and motivation, conduct employee surveys and communicate success.
  • Integrate & create – Integrate with devices, apps and services available through the CoreHealth Wellness Network or create your own innovations.
  • Learn & inspire – Learn from the best and brightest in the wellness industry.
  • Secure & protect – Gain privacy and security practices that satisfy even the toughest standards — used by government, banks and leading global companies.
Wellness is a team effort. CoreHealth is the only open, extendable corporate wellness platform with a network of over 140 devices, apps, and innovations. Mix and match, use your own or add new ones. Take advantage of CoreHealth’s robust API to customize your team’s and your customers’ experiences. Talk with us about our Integration Kit.
Reach and engage more people, more often. CoreHealth offers the choice of two device integrators supporting up to 240 clinical and fitness wearables, apps and in-home devices. CoreHealth gives you advanced mobile options – a configurable app optimized for mobile and fully responsive website designs.
CoreHealth passes the world’s toughest security reviews for protected health information and intellectual property. CoreHealth uses state of the art data centers that have certifications such as AT 101 SOC 2 Type 2. Discriminating customers include banks, credit card companies, global HR companies and government organizations.
CoreHealth puts powerful data at your fingertips. Combine self-reported data with validated results to measure your program performance and prove the type of returns you require. Choose from over 30 standard reports or we can customize with the measurements and stats that matter most to you, to each customer, or each company division.
Role-based security allow you to delegate permissions as required. Delegate administration or report access permissions to people within your team or within your customer organizations. Provide permissions by function as well as access to subsets of data. Get the right people seeing the right information at the right time, when they need it.
CoreHealth is ready for a global population. New languages? No problem. The CoreHealth platform even adapts to cultures.

Go ahead. Take it for a spin.

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Configuration and Analytics
Custom branding – full site and sub-sites
3rd party integration
Multiple language capabilities
Metric, Imperial or both
Configurable Mobile app
Fully responsive website design
Delegate permissions
One-click reporting
User-defined data and form engine with full query capabilities
Coaching and Education
Coach program optimization (telephonic, one-on-one, group)
Ability to create Online Group, Self-Paced, One-on-One/telephonic coaching programs
Secure coach/client communication tools
Health Assessment and Screening
Health risk assessments
Surveys and questionnaires
Biometric screening support
Challenges and Engagement
Team, individual and healthy buddy challenges
Social networking
Virtual treasure hunts
Leaderboards, messageboards, testimonials
Tracking and journaling
Challenge Designer tool
Communications and Collaboration
Online chat
Bulk email
Secure Inbox
Special interest group support
Central hub for incentive management
Incentivize any action within platform as well as external
Integrate 3rd party programs
Outcome-based and Participation-based incentive programs

Technology Partners

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How it works


“Here in the state of Louisiana, we’ve been using CoreHealth’s platform since 2007 to get over 100,000 people living more active, healthier lives. We’ve expanded our programs every year -- even including celebrities and our governor -- and the friendly CoreHealth team always makes it easy to manage. CoreHealth’s been a game changer!” 

Rudy Macklin
Director, Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports, State of Louisiana