2Morrow: SmartQuit® Smoking Cessation Program

2Morrow’s SmartQuit program is a full smoking cessation program delivered via the smartphone (so it is always with you). The SmartQuit program has been shown effective in 2 clinical trials and is 2-3 times more effective than trying to quit on your own. Private, Proven and Personalized.

Smoking is the largest cause of preventable death, disease & healthcare spending in the US.

How SmartQuit Works

SmartQuit consists of a 6-month program made up of 3 parts.

  1. The Quit Plan  (day 1)
  2. Core Program (must access 8 lessons on separate days)
  3. Maintained and Relapse Support (up to 6 months)
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The Power of an App - Wherever You Are

Using the app, participants will create a personal quit plan. Then each day they will unlock a core lesson or exercise that teaches them a new way to think about their urges or cravings. At first, participants are only asked to become aware of their urges to smoke. Later, they will learn and practice new ways to think about those urges so that they notice the urge to smoke without acting on them. 

The Anytime Coaching section offers on-demand help and support. The goal is for participants to complete the Core requirements before quitting so they have the skills before needing them. Once they have completed the Core program, participants will earn a Certificate of Completion but their journey is not over. 

Participants will practice and get support before and after their quit date.

SmartQuit Support

  • Always with you support. 83% of smokers say they rather use an app than a telephone coach or website. If more help is needed, participants can message a coach from the app.
  • CoreHealth integration makes it easy to launch, use and see key metrics.
  • Optional NRT (nicotine patches) can be shipped directly to participants at home.

SmartQuit is now available in conjunction with the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform.

Watch 2Morrow's in-depth webinar.

Watch the In-Depth Webinar

Quotation Marks Up Quotation Marks Down 

“ I am a busy working mom, but my phone is always handy,” said Jane. “I liked that I didn’t have to quit the day that I started using the app. I set quit date and then followed the steps that prepared me for that day, such as making me aware of my cravings to smoke. When my quit day arrived, I felt no pressure when I decided to delay it until my daughter’s birthday a couple of weeks later.” - User Quote