Konnected’s Path To Excellence In Inclusion And Belonging

In the dynamic landscape of corporate wellness, Konnected has emerged as a trailblazer in inclusive innovation. Early on in his career, Dr. Matias Golob, Konnected’s founder, recognized a prevalent challenge in the wellness sector: how to effectively influence 'hard-to-reach’ populations with compelling health content while ensuring cost-effectiveness and reducing dependence on conventional healthcare systems. 

As the company expanded, Dr. Golob saw the potential of technology to address these challenges and embarked on a quest for technology-driven solutions that could offer a more accessible and impactful approach to wellness management.

Why CoreHealth?

After evaluating several vendors, CoreHealth emerged as Konnected’s ideal wellness technology partner, thanks to its robust privacy and security measures, coupled with its adaptability to meet the unique needs of Konnected’s clientele. The CoreHealth platform's versatility proved to be instrumental in crafting compelling health and wellness programming, especially to populations that might otherwise be challenging to engage due to varying demographics. 

When creating accessible experiences for individuals with diverse abilities, circumstances, and identities, Konnected designs with rather than for client populations. By utilizing the CoreHealth platform’s flexibility, Konnected enables intended communities to actively shape product strategy and development on an ongoing basis.  Whether it’s designing programming that utilizes accessibility features on mobiles devices, or authentically representing communities’ identities, aesthetics and cultures through imagery and language, Konnected thrives on participatory development. As a result, clients can both promote and demonstrate employee involvement in program planning and design. 

What they did 

The power of a multidisciplinary and diverse team

Dr. Golob understood early on that building a multidisciplinary and multicultural team was essential for creating meaningful and effective campaigns. This went beyond health promotion experts and included IT professionals, ethnography researchers, graphic designers, front-end developers, and UX/UI specialists. By assembling a diverse team with various educational backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences, Konnected was able to extend technology-driven wellness content to global employers. 

The team leveraged CoreHealth’s advanced technology tools to bridge the gap between traditional wellness offerings and a digitally interconnected well-being ecosystem. Through a blend of data-driven insights, people-centered interfaces, and personalized experiences, Konnected curated a unique platform experience empowering individuals and communities to take charge of their health and well-being. This approach, blending inclusive innovation expertise with IT proficiency, not only proved cost-effective but also offered scalability and adaptability as the business grew to be able to serve employer groups worldwide.

Inclusivity and belonging as a guiding principal

Taking a proactive stance on inclusivity and belonging, Konnected integrated these principles into the very architecture of their wellness programs. The team posed critical questions aimed at effectively engaging a broader audience, ensuring that tools and communications were not only inclusive but also culturally sensitive. By collaborating with experts from various corners of the world, Konnected ensured that their solutions were not confined solely by a Canadian outlook, but authentically represented the various demographics they aimed to serve. 

On the CoreHealth platform, community pages featuring message boards became invaluable spaces for people to connect, share interests, and learn from one another. Konnected harnessed the power of individuals - their knowledge and experiences – to cultivate a robust peer support system and sense of belonging. Through communities of practice, special interests and teams, skill-sharing initiatives, events calendars, and interactive group experiences, Konnected maximized the potential of the CoreHealth platform, creating not just wellness programs, but genuine communities within organizations. 

The Results

The partnership with CoreHealth has not only provided Konnected with cutting-edge technology but has also forged a strong relationship that has provided the support to fully utilize the platform’s flexibility, enabling Konnected to be at the forefront of wellness innovation as they continually adapt and evolve their programs in concert with the populations they serve. Konnected’s growing client base, which includes the likes of Special Olympics International, WorkCare and Uprise Health, has achieved improved engagement and participant satisfaction through the application of inclusive design made possible by the platform’s versatility. 

The company’s ethos revolves around a fundamental question: “How do we go from awareness to action, ensuring our programs and communications are inclusive, foster community, strengthen culture and create a sense of belonging?” Konnected's dedication to answering this question propels them to continuously refine and elevate their approach, ensuring that every wellness initiative leaves a lasting positive impact on individuals.

Normalizing inclusion in wellness programming, reinforced and supported in partnership with CoreHealth, has established Konnected as a global leader for scaling inclusion and belonging into the architecture of wellness programs and initiatives.  

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