MindQ: Health Screen Through Mental Health Assessment

MindQ is a robust, clinically-validated health screener to identify employees at risk of mental health characteristics known to interfere with workplace performance. MindQ creates a powerful solution to identify mental health risks, thereby pinpointing populations where you can improve employee wellbeing, physical health and productivity.

  • Life Dissatisfaction Risk

    Assesses risk of dissatisfaction with various aspects related to general wellbeing and quality of life that serves as foundations for resilience.

  • Stress Coping Risk

    Assesses risk of using a habitual style of coping with negative or stressful situations known to be ineffective, leading to augmented rather than diminished stress.

  • Emotional Distress Risk

    Assesses risk of exhibiting chronic and problematic levels of depression and/or anxiety.

  • Substance Abuse Risk

    Assesses risk of alcohol and substance use to an extent that is disruptive to work and life.

By accurately assessing individuals across these mental health risk areas, MindQ provides wellness providers with specific risk profiles to inform appropriate intervention strategies for each respective population. With all risk levels properly identified, wellness providers may deliver large cost savings and organizational impact by offering early intervention methods geared towards prevention of further clinical issues. Developed by Multi-Health Solutions, the MindQ screener leverages MHS’ 30+ years of experience in development and publishing of innovative and scientific psychological assessments that have become staples for clinicians and educators. With MindQ, the same strong science is now available to improve employee health, workplace productivity, and wellness program efficiency.

MindQ is seamlessly accessible through the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform.

“MindQ is a lifesaver. We have perpetually found that HRA’s alone leave at-risk populations unattended. Finally, we have a robust tool to identify these risks.”

Erin Wickersham, Director Program Development at WellNowHealth.Com