MindQ: Mental Health and Well-Being Assessment

MindQ is a robust, clinically-validated mental health and well-being assessment that measures participants across the entire mental well-being continuum, providing insights into areas for self-care and improvement. By linking increased awareness with risk-specific strategies and tools, MindQ creates a powerful solution that engages employees with more personalized programs and increases utilization of available resources.

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  • Life Satisfaction

    Measures general well-being areas of Life Satisfaction including Personal Fulfillment, Job Satisfaction, and Financial Well-Being.

  • Resilience

    Identifies participant stress coping profiles and brings awareness to more effective strategies to help build levels of resilience.

  • Emotional Health

    Evaluates individual levels of risk for anxiety and depression.

Developed by Multi-Health Solutions, the MindQ screener leverages MHS’ 30+ years of experience in development and publishing of innovative and scientific psychological assessments that have become staples for clinicians and educators. With MindQ, the same strong science is now available to improve employee health, workplace productivity, and wellness program efficiency.

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Mental Health Assessment Report - Screen Shots 

Emotional Health Assessment Resilience Assesment   Life Satisfaction

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MindQ is a lifesaver. We often find that HRA’s alone leave at-risk populations unattended. Finally, we have a robust tool to identify these risks.


Erin Wickersham,
Director Program Development at WellNow Health

MindQ Available on CoreHealth

MindQ is seamlessly accessible through the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform.