Validic: The Industry’s Leading Digital Health Platform

Validic and CoreHealth, together at last

Validic is the industry’s leading digital health platform. Its powerful technology and unparalleled set of integrations gives wellness providers quick and convenient access to end user data from mobile health and in-home clinical devices, wearables and applications.

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Validic Integration with CoreHealth

Validic for CoreHealth enables you to integrate information directly from devices into the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform. Data can be directly applied to challenges and trackers removing the need for manual user tracking while helping to improve your engagement strategies.

Validic provides access to data from:

  • Connected scales
  • Fitness wearables
  • Fitness, wellness and nutrition applications
  • Smart watches
  • And much more…stay tuned as CoreHealth expands supported devices…

Connecting to digital health devices has never been so easy


Validic is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.