Tango Card: E-Gift Card Rewards and Incentives


Choice & Reliability

Tango Card is the expert on all things rewards, making the process of sending gift cards, prepaid cards and donations easy for you. Their mission is to help make rewards easy to send and awesome to receive. With a global catalog of hundreds of e-gift cards and donation partners, Tango Card powers digital rewards for health engagement, recognition and other programs worldwide. Help drive results in your reward or incentive program and focus on engaging your people, Tango Card will provide the great reward experience.

Rewards Made Easy

Tango Card's reward link is the easiest way to give your wellness program participants reward choices with over 100 e-gift card brands in the US and the potential to include not-for-profit gift cards. Send gift cards like Amazon.com, Starbucks and Target to drive results with brand recognition. We make it easy for you to offer a full catalog of e-gift cards with instant delivery, tracking, and no need for inventory.

Simple Technology

Choose Rewards Genius to order on demand, Blast Rewards to bulk deliver, or the RaaS API to automate your program. Mobile app

Expert Support

Tango Card leads with result-oriented business development, providing onboarding and ongoing program support, and close the loop with in-house recipient support.

Reward Catalog

Tango Card curates a global catalog of the most popular gift cards, prepaid cards and donations because great rewards drive great results. 

Tango Card is Available on CoreHealth

Tango Card is seamlessly accessible through the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform.