SelfHelpWorks by Avidon Health: Health Coaching and Cognitive Intervention

Simulates Live Personal Coaching to Produce Genuine Results

SelfHelpWorks and MedPro Wellness are now Avidon Health

SelfHelpWorks’ by Avidon Health HD videos and PersonalCoach™ software work in harmony to deliver an engaging, personalized “live” coaching experience. All SelfHelpWorks programs employ an evidence-based cognitive behavioral training process derived from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to create lasting behavioral change. The process is designed to break down the disempowering beliefs, thoughts and resulting emotions at the root of detrimental behavior patterns; and replace them with empowering cognitive responses that elicit permanent behavior change without the use of willpower. Participants can log on privately and conveniently 24/7 using an Internet-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone.

On-demand, digital Cognitive Behavioral Training (CBT-based) interventions for:

  • Tobacco cessation
  • Obesity and unhealthy eating
  • Inactivity
  • Stress
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Insomnia
  • Diabetes management

SelfHelpWorks’ HD videos and PersonalCoach™ software work in harmony to deliver an engaging, personalized “live” coaching experience. The shift in mindset needed to change behavior very seldom takes place by reading a book or article or by watching an educational video. With the SelfHelpWorks user experience, it does. This was verified by a large third party wellness program provider who experienced 33%-53% successful intervention rates on clients who completed the course.  

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Behavior Change on Steroids

Using a structured cognitive behavioral training approach derived from CBT, SelfHelpWorks’ curriculum focuses on the root cause of unhealthy behavior, rather than the behavior (or symptom or habit) itself. The end result is permanent, sustainable behavioral change that can be attained without the use of willpower.

The SelfHelpWorks cognitive interventions are designed to create contextual transformation using a process that is evidence-based, peer reviewed and clinically validated.

SelfHelpWorks is the leading provider of video-based cognitive interventions for reducing population health risk. Their evidence-based online courses eliminate even the most deeply ingrained unhealthy habits at the lowest cost per successful intervention.

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SelfHelpWorks is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.