Pro Financial Health: Adaptive and Personalized Financial Wellness

What is Pro Financial Health?

Pro Financial Health is an easy to use, adaptive and personalized digital Financial Wellness platform.  Our mission is to improve the Financial Health of every life we touch.  We believe Financial Wellness is planning sensibly for your short-term needs while maintaining focus and efforts towards your long-term financial goals. It’s simply not enough for an individual to start a plan without consistently managing it over time while measuring progress.

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The Pro Financial Health Education Experience

Financial Literacy Library

A full suite of games, interactive calculators etc. 

Articles & Videos

Hundreds of Articles and Videos focus on helpful topics such as personal finance, career development assistance and retirement. Specific content “pushed” according to user profile. New content added regularly.

Community Forum

A peer-to-peer and peer-to-expert Q&A forum addressing the entire spectrum of issues faced by individuals regarding personal finance (optional).

Extensive and Customizable Real-time Reporting

Extensive set of reports available to designated personnel accessible via the Pro Financial Health administrator console and can be downloaded in a variety of formats.

Mobile device capability

For all users.

Dedicated expert to monitor Community (daily) and answer questions

The Community is a forum for users to ask questions and discuss topics of their choice. The Pro Financial Health monitor will ensure appropriate content and delete inappropriate material.

“Chat” Feature (optional)

Individuals can ask any pertinent financial question that will be answered via live chat or within 24 hours if no one is available. If question is retirement or employment account-related, question can be forwarded to designated recipient. (additional fee for Chat and/or telephone communication via Certified Personal Financial Counselors, additional fee for Financial Advisor access and/or coaching).

Pro Financial Health