PatientBond: Behavior Change Through Psychology + Technology

PatientBond: Increase Employee Participation in Workplace Wellness Programs to Drive ROI

The Society for Human Resource Management indicates that every dollar invested in employee health intervention could potentially yield as much as $6 in healthcare savings. Unfortunately, while these programs should yield significant returns on this investment, employee participation in wellness programs is generally low.

PatientBond can increase employee participation in workplace wellness programs, screenings and health interventions to improve key metrics associated with productivity and reduced costs. 
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What is PatientBond?

PatientBond is a platform for driving digital, personalized engagement across an employee population using email, text messaging and Interactive Voice Response.  PatientBond is a managed service so there is no software or staff training necessary.  PatientBond is cloud-based and connects with a client’s administrative system via a simple API.

How Does It Work?

PatientBond uses a proprietary model based on psychographics developed by healthcare consumer experts from Procter & Gamble, proven to motivate behavior change.

Through psychographic segmentation each communication is designed to appeal to employees’ intrinsic motivations, helping them understand the personal benefits of a wellness program.  This enhances the likelihood of participation and improves Return On Investment. 

Psychographic Segmentation

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The Results

  • 82% participation in biometric screenings (up from 8% the year prior without PatientBond) among blue collar workers at Midwest employers
  • 72% enrollment among eligible employees in 12 week Metabolic Syndrome intervention program among Fortune 50 company factory workers
  • A national insurer determined that employees without a Primary Care Physician cost its clients +20% more in higher health costs annually.  In a pilot, PatientBond increased the number of employees choosing a PCP  +20%  


PatientBond is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.