myHSA: Automating Wellness Incentive Programs

Every year, more and more companies are recognizing that wellness incentive programs are an effective way to engage employees in healthier living. The myHSA system helps motivate and inspire employees without the administrative nightmare of typical incentive programs.

The myHSA system gives you complete control of your wellness incentive program, including setting up rewards for "wellness incentive dollars".

myHSA, for the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform, lets you track real-time usage and empowers participants to choose how they would like to spend their wellness dollars - all within the platform.

How myHSA System Helps

  • Securely reimburse purchases directly into employee savings accounts
  • Easily track spending programs
  • Manage employees on the program
  • Increase or decrease incentives based on the rewards management allocation
  • Customize the program and the rewards to align with core values
  • Access real-time reports

Claims Reimbursement

In addition, myHSA's simple-to-use apps for submitting receipts helps participants submit wellness claims for reimbursement.

Quotation Marks Up Quotation Marks Down 

“myHSA has taken our company’s Wellness Incentive program to a whole new level. We used to use internal spread sheets, gift cards and cheques to incentify our employees for participating in our Wellness program. myHSA has provided the infrastructure to remove our “old ways” and embrace technology!” - Kari (Lacombe, Alberta)



myHSA is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.