Modernmeal - Meal Planning for Health Professionals

Improve Health by Improving Diet

Obesity is one of the key drivers of preventable chronic diseases and healthcare costs in the U.S. Obese adults spend 42% more on direct healthcare costs than adults who are a healthy weight.  

Weight loss is generally 75% diet and 25% exercise. 

With almost 70% of U.S. families being dual income, lack of time and lack of a plan are the biggest contributors to poor diets and obesity.  That’s where Modernmeal can help. Now your employees can access the resources leading nutrition experts use with their clients. 

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Healthy Recipes, Meal Planning, Tracking and Nutritional Analysis

Modernmeal platform

Modernmeal helps busy employees prepare healthier foods using technology to streamline the meal planning process. With access to thousands of nutrient-dense, whole food recipes, users can create custom weekly meal plans, instant shopping lists and utilize tracking tools to inspire health focused decisions that equal real changes to the way they feel and their lives.

A food and mood journal helps users identify ingredients that are beneficial or disruptive to the mind and body for each unique individual. Modernmeal’s goal is to make it easier for everyone to eat healthier, more often, so they can feel their best life.

Modernmeal provides:

  • Access to thousands of healthy, nutrient-dense recipes curated by nutrition professionals.
  • The ability for users to easily add their own recipes and instantly calculate nutrition facts.
  • A meal planning calendar that generates a digital grocery lists.
  • Meal prep features that make it easy to cook a few times and eat many.
  • A food and mood journal to track mental and physical reactions.
  • The ability to connect and share recipes with peers and nutrition professionals.
  • Easy-to-use web and mobile platform. 

  “Modernmeal is possibly the most dynamic offering I’ve had the pleasure of adding to CoreHealth’s Partner Network. From the first demo, I knew this would be something our customers would love. This is the tool you need to unlock the power of nutrition."

- John Dyck, Partner Network Manager