MaximusLife - Fundraising + Corporate Social Impact

MaximusLife Charity Rewards Give Wellness Bigger Purpose

For corporate wellness to become a part of everyday life it needs to connect to a bigger purpose that cash incentives and gift cards cannot provide alone. MaximusLife’s charity rewards system makes it simple, automatic and fun for employees to create real global impact with charities through your existing wellness program.

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Why MaximusLife Charity Rewards?

  • #1 motivator: 9 out of 10 people are motivated by creating impact for good causes.
  • Automatically convert wellness activity/points to real world impact like giving a first-aid kit, providing a meal or water to a child in need, etc.
  • Seamlessly integrate purpose & meaning to physical activity tracking and well-being.
  • Easily connect points and incentives to any charity for real world impact.

MaximusLife’s charity rewards let users choose real world impact they want to create for a charity as they go. Unlike cash or gift cards, our charity rewards emphasize real world impact the employee is creating for charities through their wellness activity/points.

Personalized e-mail communications and digital giving receipts are automatically managed for each charity through MaximusLife’s system so users see the impact rewards as they engage in wellness.

Challenges are the #1 Engagement Tool

MaximusLife challenges are designed to re-invent corporate giving and fundraising with options for activity-based matching and/or placing your traditional annual giving/grants into engagement-based tools with branded sponsor pools for customers, employees or for nonprofit donors. 

  • Challenges come out of the box with layout templates, teams, leaderboards, real-time admin challenge controls, API integrations, fitness device automations and more.
  • Maximus comes fully ready to engage with points, rewards, recognition, sweepstakes and all things fun. Sweepstakes and rewards strategies can be your own or fully managed by our professional services team.
  • MaximusLife CSR and Fundraising dashboards give users an experience designed to grow impact, engagement and fun all year long. Tracking tools include individual points, rewards, dollars raised and auto sync with fitness devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.
  • MaximusLife team types including multi-teams, resource groups, departments, geographic/location, charity teams and more.



MaximusLife is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.