Innovu: Healthcare Analytics Platform

Unlock your benefits data like never before!

Innovu's state-of-the-art healthcare analytics platform uses health insurance carrier data to provide companies transparency in their healthcare spending. By leveraging clinical expertise and benchmarking capabilities, Innovu can identify areas for improvement and pinpoint cost saving opportunities. 

Innovu provides transparency, quantifiables savings and accountability in healthcare to help employers and employees recapture waste and regain their financial security.

Innovu’s unique combination of powerful technology and experienced analytics staff provides unparalleled support to advisors, employers, and solution providers. Innovu collects data across all benefits programs - healthcare, workers comp and retirement – ensuring you have the answers to all of your human capital questions. Innovu’s platform targets the waste and opportunity within your data and Innovu’s engagement model will ensure that our system never becomes shelf-ware. Together we will use data-driven insights to make strategic decisions, pinpoint opportunities, recapture waste and ultimately regain financial security.

Screen shot of Innovu Executive Overview

Why Partner with Innovu:

  • Intuitive Platform
    Answers at your fingertips. Leverage access to a flexible platform that puts high level dashboards and detailed data reporting only a click away.
  • Team of Experts
    Industry experts and innovative analysts collaborate with your team to pinpoint opportunities, identify waste and monitor emerging risks.
  • Targeted Solutions
    Innovu applies clinical and industry methodology to your claims data to intelligently identify savings based on your unique profile.
  • Plan Design Benchmarking
    Innovu’s proprietary benchmarking technology provides a comprehensive benefits strategy that sets you apart.
  • Peace of Mind
    We take your data security as seriously as you do. Along with our 100% USA based workforce, all data is securely hosted in the United States. Our certifications set us apart.


Innovu is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.