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HealthFeed delivers health education content to engage members with the information needed to better manage their own health. The content is focused on providing members with the skills and knowledge to accomplish health goals, implement concrete calls to action, and understand the core reasons on why certain lifestyle changes are good for them in the first place.

Healthfeed for Wellness Portals

Health Education is the momentum that is needed to break the status quo and motivate a member to strive for new levels of health and well-being. An effective health education program enables members to adopt new, healthier habits that protects them from developing chronic conditions and self-manage any chronic conditions that they may already have.

The HealthFeed solution for CoreHealth is a powerful combination of content, technology and user interfaces (UI), delivered to members from within the wellness portal and mobile apps. Content includes medically validated content sources such as Krames Staywell and curated content from the Internet. The technology component of the solution learns the specific member’s health condition through completed health risk assessments, biometrics, demographics data etc. and automatically finds and delivers the most relevant pieces of content for a specific member from the set of content sources chosen for the deployment. The UI includes pluggable content delivery widgets, content library pages and admin dashboards to view member content click activity.

For over 40 years, health care professionals in all settings have relied on the vast library of Krames Staywell resources of over 15,000 pieces of content, 700 videos on various medical conditions and wellness topics, multilingual content etc. to engage members, motivate behavior change and build self-care skills. All pieces of content in the Krames Staywell content library have either been authored or reviewed by a licensed medical professional.

Beyond doubt, the Internet is the largest source of health education content. HealthFeed's content engine aggregates top ranked content for various medical conditions and health topics. While the medically validated content libraries are extremely effective in introducing the member to high-level information about a specific medical condition/health topic, the curated Internet content provides a continuous stream of fresh, new and changing content for a specific medical condition/health topic. The range, options and variety of content sources provide choice and flexibility for the customer to craft his/her own health education strategy.

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HealthFeed is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.


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By automatically presenting contextually specific and targeted content to members, HealthFeed, not only engages members but also activates them in their care management process.


Anoo Nathan,
CEO of Smartmonitor Inc.