Fitbit: Making Corporate Wellness Fun

Fitbit wearable devices help make corporate wellness fun

For corporate wellness programs to be successful, fitness has to be convenient and fun. Fitbit devices are easy to use and have unmatched functionality, making healthy lifestyle choices a fun, engaging activity for employees everywhere.

Why Fitbit?

  • Sync your wellness programs with the device participants use – Fitbit is one of the most popular step-tracking wearable device today.
  • Empower participants to commit to a healthier, active lifestyle wherever they are.
  • Automatically apply step data to wellness challenges, coaching goals and incentive management.

Fitbit devices track and sync every part of your participants' day -- including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep – to help them stay active, motivated and fit.

Automatic Data Syncing

Manual logins and information uploads are inconvenient and often inaccurate. Now you can automatically track and sync activity from each participant's Fitbit device in your employee wellness challenges, incentive programs and coaching goals. This type of engagement and automation is what makes wellness programs successful and appealing for both administrators and participants alike.

Help your participants have fun, reach their goals and feel empowered. Build programs with the kinds of integrations that suit their lifestyles, and get regular, accurate data to track results.


A Fitbit wearable device can be seamlessly and automatically synced with CoreHealth's corporate wellness platform.