Exercise.com: The World's Best Platform for Workout Plans

What is Exercise.com?

Exercise.com is the world’s largest platform for work out plans with scheduling, logging, and progress tracking benefits. Exercise.com comes fully loaded with certified workout plans and exercise demonstration videos that make it easy for a user to find a plan to achieve their health goals!

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Over 300 Certified Workout Plans

Provide 300+ certified workout plans to help users achieve their health goals! Each plan comes with scheduling, logging, and progress tracking benefits on Exercise.com - making it easy for a user to pull up their workouts no matter their location. 
Workout Plans

Access to 3,000 Exercises

Provide extensive exercise resources that can be filtered and come with how-to videos, steps, tips, and much more.

Other benefits included in Option 2:
  • Custom-branded for your company.
  • Add support staff (i.e. admins/wellness coaches/trainers) to manage users.
  • Create custom workout plans for your users.
  • Private messaging.
  • Send nutrition PDFs, additional files, monthly  assessments, etc.

"Exercise.com is terrific! I can scour their comprehensive database for new exercises and workout plans while easily being able to log my workouts and track my progress. Since I began using the site, I've seen increases in strength, endurance and performance." - Andrew


Exercise.com is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.