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All-In-One Financial Wellness Platform


Founded by award-winning financial journalist and entrepreneur, Ilyce Glink, Best Money Moves is an award-winning financial wellness platform that helps people zero in on and solve their financial problems. Using artificial intelligence, Best Money Moves provides personalized guidance plus access to tools, benefits, and products that help employees (and their family members) make smarter financial decisions. Best Money Moves - ask expert

Highly configurable, customizable, and brandable, BMM Premium serves as the “hub,” or portal, for a company’s financial wellness benefits, including:

  • Early wage access
  • Short-term and salary-linked loans
  • Student debt mitigation/refinancing
  • Medical debt/deductible financing
  • ID theft protection and reputation management
  • Credit building for consumers and small business owners
  • And, more!

Personalized Information and Tools to Help Employees

  • The StressometerⓇ measures your level of financial stress in 15 categories.
  • 900+ pieces of written and video content. Our algorithms identify the right thing for you to read right now.
  • Interactive Journeys help you achieve life’s financial milestones: buying a house, buying and insuring a car, saving money, refinancing your mortgage, and more.
  • Budgeting module helps you track what you’re spending, pay down debt faster and set savings goals.
  • Quick Financial Checkup gives employees (and HR) an instant read on how they measure up financially.
  • Credit scores with reason codes, help employees understand why their scores aren’t higher, and what they can do to fix the problem.

Engage Employees with Rewards and Gamification

Employees get points for everything they do inside Best Money Moves, whether they read an article, watch a video, work on their budget, or measure their level of financial stress with the Stressometer. Best Money Moves offers monthly global contests with cash prizes (you can’t beat that!) and will help you run your own custom contests, to encourage office camaraderie and boost usage. Their API can also be used to add the points your employees earn on Best Money Moves to any other point system you use: double points, double the fun!

Live Webinars & Money Coaching - Ask the Experts

Best Money Moves offer live monthly webinars that explore such topics as “Love & Money,” “Financial Resilience,” and “The 12 Myths of Building Business Credit.” They also offer conversations with experts on issues relating to retirement, your career, and taxes. At the end of each webinar, users are invited to submit their financial questions on any topic. In addition, they offer access to their Money Coaches 7 days a week, to help employees with emergency questions and issues relating to their budgets, debt, credit, housing needs, student loan forgiveness, and even bankruptcy filings.

Best-In-Class Products & Services

Financial emergencies are an everyday occurrence for many employees.  Best Money Moves provides easy, actionable solutions employees can tap into whenever they need help including:

  • Employees using their 401ks as a checking account
  • Retirement (un)readiness - lack of planning for retirement savings and expenses
  • High levels of turnover
  • Higher levels of workplace accidents
  • High healthcare costs with worse outcomes

Highly Customizable to Meet Employee Needs

Best Money Moves is a highly customizable platform with the following capabilities:

  • Add or remove content
  • Add your own benefits, including a link to your 401k and health insurance plans
  • Add special links or tiles
  • Use the one-way communication portal to engage your employees
  • Run custom contests
  • Create custom content

Best Money Moves Voluntary Benefits Partners

  • LFE Institute's new 5-Step CAP system includes an e-learning process with the 58 essential questions families never ask. It prepares families for late-stage college planning by answering these questions to prevent costly mistakes commonly made. Developed by FLE and a national team of financial and academic advisors, the purpose of CAP is to make sure every dollar spent on college is invested wisely.
  • Our NewRetirement benefit offers a best-in-class modeling engine that helps employees make critical decisions based on their goals and life's priorities, with thousands of scenarios underlying its probability calculations. This benefit makes it easy to build and manage your path forward, track progress and make changes as life evolves.
Quotation Marks Up Quotation Marks Down 

“I’m just beginning the process of buying my first home and was excited and relieved to learn about the BMM ‘Homebuying Journey.’ Everything I had questions about was right there in one place. The journey walked me through the process step-by-step and provided additional resources, articles and partnering agencies to assist me. Buying my first home is very stressful, but BMM has offered me a ‘catch-all’ place to find the tools and resources I need to manage that stress and feel more informed about the process. I’m still in the beginning stages, so I plan to continue using BMM as I get closer to my first home!” - Ann K. (Chicago, IL)

Available on CoreHealth

Best Money Move's financial wellness platform is now available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform.