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Leading corporate wellness companies and employers from around the world choose CoreHealth to be their total well-being partner and use our technology to power their corporate wellness programs.

  • Medium and Large Enterprises
  • Corporate Wellness companies
  • Insurers and their wellness divisions
  • Health Coaching companies
  • Employee Assistance providers
  • Group Benefits brokers
  • Human Resources consulting firms
  • Health Systems and their wellness divisions
  • Disability and Absence Management companies

Our wellness provider clients provide their wellness programs and services to all-sized businesses up to Fortune 500 companies. The CoreHealth corporate wellness platform helps you create your own success.

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The Perfect Match

Our technology and programs are perfect for providers that have: established wellness programs and solutions, technical resources to truly take your programs to the next level. 

Our wellness platform is for employers looking to deliver wellness their own way, or those who need structured programs to assess, engage, and create positive lifestyle changes for their employees. 


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Case Studies


How Health Designs
Successfully Encouraged Healthy
Behavior Change


Headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, Health Designs has delivered comprehensive well-being services to companies nationwide for over 25 years. They offer complete worksite wellness solutions that guides organizational and individual health and well-being. Utilizing CoreHealth’s corporate wellness platform has enabled Health Designs to provide better support and accountability resulting in healthy behavior change for program participants. Discover the steps they took that led to tremendous results with their telephonic coaching and incentive programming.

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How A Premier Population Health Management Company Elevated Their Total Well-Being Programs


Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, CareATC is a leading health and well-being company providing population health management services including onsite healthcare clinics to employer groups nationwide. As CareATC grew and evolved over the years they faced new technology constraints and challenges maintaining efficient program administration.

Implementing CoreHealth’s well-being technology has resulted in an enhanced coaching experience that has led to a rise in customer attraction and program success rates as well as greater administration efficiencies.

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Inspired Perspectives Accelerates Customer Onboarding and Improves User Engagement in One Day


Inspired Perspectives LLC is a wellness provider to mid‐market and major US employers, providing consultation and wellness products to groups ranging from 100 employees to more than 10,000.

CEO Amy Cohen drove a new initiative to transition Inspired Perspectives from their slow, outdated wellness program delivery mechanism onto CoreHealth’s new, easy to use platform. Since then, Inspired Perspectives benefits from faster customer onboarding, improved employee engagement, and a more productive administrative team.

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WellNow Reinvents Itself as an Analytics Driven Health Solution, Using Data To Drive Decisions and Win Contracts


WellNow is a wellness provider based in Pennsylvania. WellNow had been running a number of wellness programs for a variety of U.S.-based businesses that were focused on managing healthcare costs, but President Michael Rosenfeld had a vision to transform his company into a leading-edge, data-driven wellness powerhouse.

WellNow turned to CoreHealth as its technology partner to help make that happen.

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How a Premier Health Care System Elevated Their Wellness Program


Hamilton Health Care System is a comprehensive, nonprofit health care system located in northwest Georgia.

As a premier health care system, their mission is to deliver quality services in a caring atmosphere for their patients and their families while meeting health care needs that advance the quality and dignity of life. This philosophy could not hold more true for their own employees and their wellness program.

Their wellness portal was expensive and limited. Then they found the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and discovered a world of opportunities.

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Records and Information Management Leader Fosters a Culture of Health and Collaboration


Access Information Protected is recognized as one of the fastest growing and most dynamic companies in the records and information management (RIM) industry. 

They live by their core values of REACH (R-Respect, E-Empowered, A-Accountable, C-Collaborate, H-Honesty). To support their unique culture and core values, they wanted to help their team achieve wellness with a focus on activity-based challenges, healthy activities, weight loss and smoking cessation. They found their wellness partner in CoreHealth Technologies.

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Discover Wellness Embraces Wellness Portal to Build Stronger Relationships


Located in North Carolina, Discover Wellness is a leading corporate wellness company that enables leaders to embrace health as a core business value.

Due to their extensive wellness program offerings, Discover Wellness eventually found themselves in a common predicament. As they grew they started using multiple software programs to run different aspects of their program. Each of their client’s customized corporate wellness incentive programs had to be tracked manually.

It was time to take action and find a new, flexible wellness platform.


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Manufacturing Leader Menasha Corporation Steps Up Employee Wellness with Fitness Challenge


Menasha Corporation is a leading corrugated and plastic packaging manufacturer headquartered in Wisconsin with employees located globally in over 100 facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company’s wellness facilitators needed a way to get its 5,400+ employees moving with incentives to participate in its Step into Summer step challenge. They needed a solution that was accessible from any desktop or device, affordable, and efficient at delivering wellness programs in their workplace. They found the solution with CoreHealth’s Corporate Wellness Platform.

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Louisiana State Program Reverses Long-Term Obesity Trend


In 2004, Louisiana topped the charts as the US’ most obese state. Health care costs had long surpassed a sustainable level and the prevalence of obesity was still rising. The governor’s council on physical fitness and sports created the Lighten Up Louisiana program as a direct intervention. The concept and delivery of challenges began in 2004, with the Lighten Up challenge. In 2007, the online tracking system used for Lighten Up Louisiana was upgraded to the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform.


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HRG North America Takes Employee Wellness to the Next Level


HRG North America is part of Hogg Robinson Group - a global corporate services provider that helps thousands of clients in over 120 countries manage their travel, expenses, payments and data.

With health and wellness growing commonplace in organizations, HRG felt it was time to take their grass-roots employee wellness programs to the next level. Rising medical costs and employee interest to lose weight and get active sparked action. Their health insurance provider Cigna introduced HRG to CoreHealth’s corporate wellness platform to see if their technology could meet their needs. 

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Leading Florida-Based Insurance Broker Increases Wellness Revenue and Client Satisfaction by saying ‘Yes We Can’


Leading Florida-based insurance broker providing corporate wellness programs to enterprise organizations in North America needed help delivering corporate wellness to their clients.

They were looking for a technology partner that could help them take their wellness programs from “Let me get back to you on that” to “Yes we can!” They found the solution with CoreHealth’s corporate wellness platform .

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Global Health and Care Organization Launches Wellness Challenge To Get People Moving


A leading global health and care organization believes the wellbeing of the company and customers starts with their own people.

Their global health insurance business partnered with CoreHealth, a leading Corporate Wellness Platform, to power a 3-week wellness challenge. They aimed to engage their 1,800 employees around the world to boost health, connect with each other and give back to the community. They wanted a wellness technology that could deliver results - for their own people and their clients.

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Community Health System a Pioneer at Delivering Workplace Wellness to Local Businesses


MercyCare Business Health Solutions (BHS), the corporate wellness solutions division of Mercy Health System, is one of Eastern Iowa's leading wellness organizations. Mercy’s mission is to enhance the health of the community and so in 1984 they were one of the first health systems to start delivering wellness solutions to local businesses. This case study speaks to their journey and successes as they help organizations improve employee health.

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Wellness Company Utilizes Wellness Technology and Unique Skills to Meet New Wellness Market Demand


Go Online knew the CoreHealth platform was a wellness technology leader but felt there was a need to bring the platform to the small business market that wasn’t being met. Companies that didn’t have the internal resources or the budget to be able to implement an employee wellness program on their own were seeking additional support for administration of both their wellness programs and the technology. This case study tells the story of how Go Online started working with CoreHealth by providing wellness challenge support and site administration to companies that needed the extra help.

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CoreHealth is Your Partner For Growth

CoreHealth helps to build great wellness companies! Because we focus exclusively on technology only – not services, the success of our wellness provider customers directly influences our success as well. The relationship between our customers is a true partnership so we work hard to support our reseller partners and their programs by:


Helping you become platform experts by training you to be self-sufficient and in full control of your program development and delivery.


Providing technical support to help you get the most out of our platform.


Releasing multiple software releases each year so you always stay on the cutting edge.

Network of vendors

Continually growing our third-party best-in-class network of wellness vendors to complement your existing programs – all seamlessly integrated via the CoreHealth platform.


Referring you leads to help you grow! Companies that contact us looking for wellness technology and services need your expertise and resources to succeed – join our referral program and we’ll send these leads to you!

Enjoy the benefits of being a reseller customer of CoreHealth

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A Powerful Engine to Drive Your Wellness Innovations

How We Help

Clients work with us because:

  • We are wellness technology providers – not wellness providers
  • We offer a network of over 140 unique wellness innovations, providers and tools

The CoreHealth corporate wellness platform is:

  • All-in-one – assessments, coaching, challenges, rewards and more
  • Easy to use – users love that it’s intuitive and fun!
  • Configurable, flexible and easy to administer – you're in full control
  • Multi-location – portals for one or multiple locations
  • Multi-lingual – English, French, Spanish, Chinese and beyond
  • Cost effective – no expensive infrastructure
  • Flexible – integrates with third-party devices, apps and wellness solutions
  • Secure and compliant – with the toughest privacy regulations
  • Reputable and reliable – we work with medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies
  • Supported by a team of customer support ninjas – knowledgeable, responsive and fanatically solution-focused
  • Leading edge – in the wellness technology evolution


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We are able to deliver a unique and engaging experience because we have a technology partner that says, "Yeah, we can do that," every time we throw a curveball their way. We see CoreHealth Technologies as more than a partner. They are a member of the TAVi Health team.


Tanya Hargrave-Klein
Owner, TAVi Health - Customer