The Health Team: Providing Onsite Health Screening

Personalized, Onsite Health Screenings From Trained Medical Professionals

The Health Team provides companies with onsite health screening and flu shot clinics to help Canadian employers promote health and wellness and keep employees healthy.

Onsite Health Screening Clinics

Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Together these conditions cause one third of deaths every year.

Using The Health Team with your CoreHealth corporate wellness platform provides customers and their employees with onsite health screening clinics to help lower their risk for serious health conditions.

Health screening appointments include:

  • Individual consultations and measurements for weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol with a registered nurse.
  • A personal health report for each participant.
  • A personalized review and set of recommendations from the nurse on how to maintain or improve their health.

Onsite Flu Shot Clinics

Every year many employees phone in sick with the flu or take time off work to visit their doctor for a flu shot.

We provide onsite flu shot clinics to corporate customers all across Canada in the comfort of their office to help reduce sick days and loss of productivity, while protecting the health of your customers’ employees.

Available on CoreHealth

Results from the Health Team are available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform.

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The representatives were great to work with. They were very knowledgeable, quick to respond and super nice. Everything went off without a hitch.


Tejinder Dhillon,