HC Cube: Health Analytics Platform Integration

Join the Evolution of Wellness Analytics With HC Cube

HC Cube provides curated data insights for organizations and wellness providers to better design employee programs and evaluate program efficacy over time. Use the power of HC Cube to integrate employer information, insurance claims, and CoreHealth wellness data into one comprehensive business intelligence platform.

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How Are You Utilizing Your Data? HC Cube

If you had to identify your highest cost group by gender, age range, location, and health risk in order to provide targeted interventions, could you? 

How about isolating wellness program impact on productivity for employees who started the program four years ago with high hypertension risk? 

The HC Cube Advantage


  • HC Cube integrates seamlessly with the CoreHealth Corporate Wellness Platform. Don’t settle for systems that can’t connect your population’s insurance claims data to your wellness data and your employment data. Our platform gives you the ability to finally analyze health coaching engagement against gaps in care or trend claims cost against improved mental health risks.


  • Data can be confusing. Trying to find actionable data insights can sometimes feel like you’re panning for gold. Our team of business analysts, industry experts, data scientists, and software developers have joined to create a platform highlighting the data views offering the most value.


  • Not a fan of cubes? Don’t worry, we can brand the HC Cube platform with your company’s logo and colors. Need to load custom data fields? We can do that as well. Want to filter data for specific segments and then generate PDF reports? It’s as easy as clicking a button (literally, you just click the PDF button).


  • HC Cube is HIPAA compliant with built-in safeguards preventing unauthorized users from viewing sensitive information. Employers are given access to aggregate data and prevented from filtering to too small data sets, while wellness providers and other authorized users are given access to individual level data.

Take Data From Insights to Actions

Proactive Management  HC Cube

Easily monitor your population's health to identify problem areas, such as high health risk trends, and help close gaps in care. 

Targeted Programs HC Cube

Identify high claims cost drivers by demographic segments and invest in focused initiatives to maximize wellness program impact. 

Informed Productivity HC Cube

Correlate data like never before to analyze the effects of health risks and specific wellness programs on productivity and performance.

Audited Investments HC Cube

Quantify wellness program savings and return on investment through an impartial analysis using multiple industry benchmarks. 

HC Cube Lite

Interested in HC Cube but don’t want to integrate claims data? HC Cube Lite has all the functionality of HC Cube but leaves off the claims (and some of the related costs).

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Our clients love HC Cube, and it has become a huge part of our sales pitch as employers are demanding more and more data.


Michael Rosenfeld,
WellNow Health