HC Cube: Health Analytics Platform Integration

Get a 360-Degree View of Employee Health

HC Cube is Health Analytics Platform that tracks how wellness activities/programs affect risk, and ultimately cost. HC Cube integrates and visualizes health data from all sources in a powerful, intuitive analytics offering, giving a 360-degree view of employee health.

HC Cube collects and integrates relevant activity, risk and cost data into an integrated data warehouse, built from the individual up. This level of detail allows dynamic views across the entirety of as well as sections within your populations.

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Get Answers to the Hard Questions

HC Cube enables you to answer questions such as:

  • How much is poor health costing my business?
  • Are my wellness and other risk management programs working? What is their ROI?
  • How much ofour spend is driven by our highest-risk employees?
  • Which diseases or medications are costing the most?
  • Based on my employees’ health, how much am I likely to spend next year?

HC Cube integrates seamlessly with the CoreHealth Corporate Wellness Platform providing value to various stakeholders including employers, carriers, consultants, and service provides. HC Cube can be used as a value-add, a retention tool, as well as an program efficacy/audit tool.
Product Benefits

Feature Highlights

These functions are enabled by:

  • Cloud-based data visualization
  • Real-time segment analyses
  • Cost prediction algorithms
  • Normative comparisons
  • Financial impact quantification

You your data and analytics independently or HC Cube data science team can help you navigate through the data to determine the correct course of action.
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Our clients love HC Cube, and it has become a huge part of our sales pitch as employers are demanding more and more data.


Michael Rosenfeld,
WellNow Health