Edamam: Organizing the World's Food Knowledge

Edamam organizes the world’s food knowledge in one central database and delivers value added services, such as real-time nutrition analysis and diet-driven meal recommendations. The company leverages the power of data and technology to help people eat better and live healthier and happier lives.

Do you have specific dietary requirements that limit what you can eat? Because of these limitations, do you feel uninspired to cook at home? Would you like to easily determine the nutritional value of the food you cook at home? If you said yes, Edamam can help.

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Recipe Finder

Too often, people on a strict diet get into a rut and gravitate towards the same few meals they consider “safe.” This gets boring and results in overall poor nutrition, as the diet lacks variety and balanced intake of all nutrients.

To break out of the rut and open a world of options for meals that fit any diet need, the Recipe Finder is the fastest way to find high quality recipes from a database of 1.5 million nutritionally analyzed recipes. Whether you are minding calories or need to track a specific nutrient such as sugar, cholesterol or sodium, the Recipe Finder will present the best recipes that fit your needs.

The Recipe Finder will:

  • Surface the highest quality recipes from around the web, which fit the desired parameters
  • Show the ingredient list of the recipe and its full nutrient content, and
  • Provide a link to the recipe for cooking instructions
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My new best friend. Hands down the best app for recipes. I'm doing low calorie meal plans and this helps a lot!


Danette L.,
user of Edamam’s Android app

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Nutrition Wizard

For 50% of meals– the ones people cook and eat at home -- finding out the nutrient content and intake is virtually impossible. Until now. Edamam solves this problem.

Edamam’s Nutrition Wizard analyzes, in real-time, the nutrition of any recipe or ingredient list. For people who care about calories and nutrient intake, it solves the problem of tracking and adjusting nutrient needs for the meals you cook and eat at home. Over time, it leads to healthier eating habits.

The Nutrition Wizard is an easy online tool to perform nutrition analysis of recipes or ingredient lists. It is intuitive and instantaneous. The user simply:

  • Enters an ingredient list or a recipe in a natural language (either type or copy/paste)
  • Selects number of servings
  • Hits “Analyze”

Almost instantly, the Nutrition Wizard will produce detailed data about calories, macronutrients (fats, carbs and protein) and 20+ micronutrients (cholesterol, sodium, vitamins, etc.).

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I spent time scanning many nutrition software programs and think that the ease of data entry of your product offers a big and unique advantage.


Jane Freeman,
RD and Sports Nutritionist

Edamam Nutrition Wizard Plus with Entered Recipe

Edamam helps people eat better.


Edamam is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.