YOO Fitness - Fits Any Wrist and Any Budget

Fitness Trackers

You are a health and wellness provider and excited to launch a new fitness challenge. You have a YOO Wearable Device strategy in-place to purchase wearables but buying activity trackers is too expensive and preventing program expansion within your budget. What you need is the Right Price Device.

At YOO Fitness we understand that the high expense of fitness trackers can prevent new wellness initiatives from launching and existing ones from scaling. So our mission is to solve that problem through a full suite of devices designed to match every fitness challenge and every budget. From simple pedometers to wrist-worn Bluetooth bands, YOO Fitness has the perfect wearable for you.

Right Price Device

Our Bluetooth Smart devices are all priced under $30. We manufacture every device ourselves to ensure quality, consistency and cost-control.

You Love Choice. We Do Too.

Do you need a waist-clip devices or wrist-worn? Do you prefer a large display or something more subtle? Is waterproofing important and how about battery life? There are lots of options in wearables but luckily YOO Fitness has lots of choices.

Budget Friendly and Feature Rich YOO Wearable Device

From step counting to activity tracking to sleep monitoring our devices capture the insights you need to make your wellness initiatives an enduring success.

Validic Integrated

YOO Fitness has partnered with Validic to make the activation of your wellness program quick and easy. And every Bluetooth device in our portfolio is integrated into the Validic platform.

"My YOO Tracker, which I clipped to my purse and gym bag, was the "Big Brother" looming over my every choice. So I took the stairs more, hailed less cabs and grunted out more walks in the freezing cold."
- Bianca Jade, MizzFIT



Yoo is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.