Vivametrica - Accurate Health Assessment Using Wearables

The World's Most Accurate Health Score Built by Doctors and Researchers

Vivametrica was founded by doctors and researchers on the idea that health data, exercise, and our smartphones/wearables could provide important insights about our overall health and wellness. Since then, millions of data points have been collected to power the world’s most accurate health assessment score - the vScore. We use this score and our technology to develop actionable and personalized insights for each individual.

Our health score gives people the tools to manage their own health and wellness. We educate and guide them in their journey to make incremental changes to their behavior for long term health. 

Vivametrica is the global standard in predictive health data analytics using mobile and wearable device data, artificial intelligence protocols and scientifically validated models, to accurately predict mortality and disease risk.


Wellness Program Results Made Real


The health risk assessment only needs 5 pieces of information to create an accurate score. The more information a user provides us, the more accurate their score will be. Our data is clinically valid and evidence-based.

Holistic Wellness

We make sense of multiple inputs that we receive from an individual. Our proprietary algorithms and technologies provide personalized insights on holistic wellness specifically for that person


We use our deep understanding of precision medicine. With so much clinical data on the whole population, we can compare people to other people just like them.


We give the individual the knowledge to know themselves better and make incremental changes in their day to day lives to influence their long term health.