Rouxbe: Online Culinary School for Employee Health


Rouxbe Online Culinary School delivers premium instructional cooking and nutrition education online to anyone that wants to enhance their cooking technique, gain confidence in the kitchen and improve their health through food and cooking. Somewhere along the line we stopped cooking healthy foods and started eating foods that are harming us; our innovative online course leverages the internet to deliver a powerful, engaging, scalable and cost-effective curriculum to motivate people to cook healthier foods, more often. Complementing your existing wellness program, Culinary Rx provides individuals with the tools, resources and culinary confidence to take control of their life and achieve employee health.

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  • Students learn from anywhere, on their own schedule
  • Personalized support and grading from leading chef educators
  • 7 units | More than 95 instructional videos | 75 plant-based recipes
  • Students earn a Certificate of Completion upon graduating
  • Exclusive access to online student community
Graduate Results 
Rouxbe is now available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform so users can login once and have instant access to all that Rouxbe has to offer.