Resilient Living: Developing the Skill to Manage Stress

Over 75% of all physical ailments are stress related. Many psychological issues and conditions are stress driven. Stress is the elephant in the room of wellness. 

The Resilient Living program has a 35-year track record teaching people the skill to easily and effectively regain control over their stress levels and restore their well-being.

Over 45,000 people have taken this program. Most have come by word of mouth but many on the recommendation of a health professional. The most common observation was that it was life changing. This is stress management that works.

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The program is all experiential through videos. No lectures. The process is enjoyable from the start with positive changes beginning immediately. From the first session you will go to a place of deep restorative rest at a level that will surprise you.

This online, self-directed program is well researched in the areas of:

  • Positive physical health
  • Psychological outcomes
  • Personal performance
  • Even positive changes in attitudes towards work
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Learn the skill to self regulate stress.
Learn to control your internal states - your mind, body and emotions.

The online format, seamlessly accessible via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform, makes it easy for organizations to deliver the program to employees.

Users choose from these three focus areas to receive a customized program:

Outer Stress Inner Calm - Body, Mind, Performance


Key findings after four weeks among 2,760 people who have taken the program:

  • A 77% reduction in those reporting severe/chronic stress symptom experience.
  • A 23% increase in moving from stress symptom experience to no symptom experience
  • Those reporting a low ability to handle stress dropped from 75% to 17%
  • Those reporting low job satisfaction went from 48% to 21% in 4 weeks.
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This program is currently being launched to over 27,000 employees in the TD US banking system.

Available on CoreHealth

Resilient Living is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.

About Eli Bay

For over 35 years, Eli Bay has been helping people substantially reduce or eliminate chronic anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia, migraines, chronically high blood pressure, depression and many other stress-related physical and psychological conditions. He is a world-recognized leader in empowering people to self-regulate the reactions of their bodies and minds.

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Eli Bay’s work is a tremendous and necessary tool in the stress management armamentarium.


Dr. Peter Hanson,
MD, Author of “The Joy of Stress”