Nature's Food Solutions: Healthy, Affordable, Tailored & Delivered

Affordable High Quality Foods, Specific to Your Needs, Delivered to Your Door

People want healthy food that’s affordable, tastes great and is convenient.  Unfortunately, this convenience and budget constraints often means sacrificing eating healthy. Organizations ask employees and their families to adopt healthier eating habits but rarely provide the tools to help them overcome daily barriers in doing so.  More often than not, options are limited and high prices make it difficult to do so on a regular basis - until now.

Our unique and easy-to-use nutrition platform helps people learn about, access, and afford healthy foods by linking disease and dietary needs based nutrition plans and healthy recipes to the convenience, quality and affordability of home delivered foods.  Employees can now have the tools they need to help them achieve a healthy eating lifestyle.

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Assistance from Dietary Experts

All Nutrition Plans and information are prepared by Registered Dietitians and based on Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) guidelines to ensure quality and accurate dietary needs are met.

Tools for Support and Success

The platform facilitates high-touch coaching and provides meal tracking, weight management and reporting tools. Users get the support they need to change behaviors and employers get the reporting insights they need to monitor progress and outcomes.

About the Process

  • Healthy: Pre-portioned, vacuumed-sealed, chemically-free, minimally-processed all-natural and organic foods greatly improve nutrient density, freshness, quality and taste. 
  • Affordable: We’ve removed the middle man which greatly lowers related overhead and logistics costs. The resulting savings are passed on to your employees, making healthy foods more affordable.
  • Tailored: Nutrition plans, recipes and healthy foods are tailored to each individual’s specific dietary needs.
  • Delivered: To homes or offices across the Continental United States in 1 – 3 days. Free shipping for orders $60 and over.

Nature's Food Solutions is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform for a seamless user experience.

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Natures Food Solutions - Healthy, Affordable, Tailored, Delivered


Nature's Food Solutions is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.