Mindwell-U - Evidence-Based Mindfulness Training

MindWell-U delivers evidence-based mindfulness training for the workplace. The company’s bilingual 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge is all online, only five minutes a day and proven by university researchers to reduce stress, increase resilience and improve performance.

The 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

  • Unique: The Challenge teaches ‘mindfulness-in-action’ so people don’t need to stop what they are doing to become more present and focused at work.
  • Evidence-based: UBC’s Sauder School of Business conducted a research study on the Challenge and determined among other things it significantly improves mental health, engagement and performance.
  • Successful: The Challenge has been delivered to thousands of leaders, managers and employees at a wide variety of organizations including Coca-Cola, WestJet, Harvard Law School, the Mental Health Commission of Canada and more.
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Take 5

Take 5 is the core 'mindfulness-in-action' practice taught in MindWell-U’s in-person and online training.

Stay in a Mindful Zone with the Take 5 Mindfulness Tool 

Download Take 5 infographic: http://bit.ly/Take5Infographic

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Coca-Cola Canada is pleased to make the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge available to Associates across Canada. We’re always looking for ways to support our people and this online training dovetails with our commitment to wellbeing.


Tova White,
Vice President of Human Resources, Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada