Freedom 365 - Virtual Recovery System

Addiction Recovery Meets Technology

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Freedom 365™ takes the content and activities of a substance abuse rehabilitation program and puts it into an interactive digital experience that can be accessed privately — anytime, anywhere from the convenience of your phone, tablet or PC.

The easy-to-use, personal and interactive addiction recovery program is available 24/7, 365 days per year on any digital device. It can be used as a standalone recovery support and education tool in conjunction with an EAP program and with in-patient or out-patient treatment. Government entities, small to large enterprise businesses, self-funded, fully insured and individual plans will benefit from this technology-driven solution to America’s trillion dollar substance abuse epidemic. 

How It Works

With the Freedom 365™ Virtual Recovery System™ you will create a Personalized Recovery Action Plan, while being guided through a proven, evidence-based recovery program. This comprehensive system loads your recovery "tool chest" with everything you need to succeed both in life AND in recovery. By simply following this interactive video-driven system, Freedom 365 promises a rewarding journey that will lead to greater fulfilment in all areas of your life.

  • Allows people to take the most difficult first step --- Admitting they have a problem WITHOUT bein publicly stigmatized or exposed.
  • Complements Medication Assisted Treatment with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for a two-pronged approach to addiction treatment.
  • Developed by a CARF accredited, state licensed addiction treatment center CEO and best-selling addiction recovery author, Brian McAlister.
  • Provides key recovery metrics for analysis.
  • HIPAA & FERPA compliant/ PII secure.
  • Tracks and ensures user compliance when necessary.

Freedom from Addiction is in the Palm of Your Hand

People with substance use issues are some of the most resourceful and capable people on the planet. Freedom 365 aims to redirect self-destructive behaviors and refocus that energy on life-improving behaviors. When your life is firing on all cylinders, it’s much easier to leave the pain and misery of substance use behind.

With PTSD rates now hitting all-time highs, Freedom 365 is proud to expand its offerings.  Substance use disorder is often a symptom of an unaddressed trauma, so the Freedom 365 team is excited to supplement its Substance Use Virtual Recovery System with a comprehensive PTSD Recovery program.  

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An Evidence Based Solution

Technology Meets Substance Use Prevention

Integrating patented Freedom 365 technology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT), and proven clinical science, this innovative solution offers the most comprehensive program of addiction recovery and prevention ever offered on a digital platform. 

Powerful Digital Tool-Kit

Freedom 365 includes suite of preventative and addiction tools: 500+ interactive videos, goal-setting, progress tracker, personalized action plan, support system integration, support meeting finder and more!

Private & Anonymous

Freedom 365 let's you learn about addiction and recovery without "exposing yourself" to any stigma from co-workers or loved ones. 

Convenient & Easy to Use

Freedom 365 fits your busy life. This automated program can be accessed anywhere on any digital device, so you never have to miss work or family obligations. 


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Substance abuse touches almost everyone and unfortunately access to help can be difficult for the millions of uninsured or underinsured. Freedom 365 offers new hope. With hundreds of interactive videos and its compressive 28-Day Recovery Program, Freedom 365 is the next best thing to an inpatient rehab but with added benefits of cost savings, convenience and privacy. I would recommend this game-changing tool to any medical professional who works with patients battling substance abuse disorders.


Deborah Kourgelis,
Substance Abuse Director, LCADC, LCSW


Available on CoreHealth

Freedom 365's virtual addiction recovery program is now available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform.