2Morrow Health Platform: One App, Multiple Programs, Unlimited Potential


Behavioral Science Meets Digital Health

Approximately 50% of healthcare costs are caused by our own behaviors with smoking, weight, and stress being the major culprits. 2Morrow Health is a digital health platform that addresses key chronic disease drivers and conditions in a whole new way. By using an innovative approach called Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), clinically tested programs help participants learn strategies that are effective when dealing with unhelpful thoughts, feelings and urges that get in the way of long-term success. The following programs are now being offered:

  • Smoking Cessation (ACA Reasonable Alternative Standard with NRT option)
  • Weight Management
  • Stress Management
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The Power of an App - Where You Are

The 2Morrow Health Platform allows groups to select one program or the full suite which can supplement current offerings or stand alone. Programs are delivered via an easy to use smartphone application for participants and a real-time dashboard for program administrators - offering both engagement data and population insights.

The personalized experience includes short lessons, advanced messaging protocols and customized tips. All programs are self-guided with the ability for the participant to message a coach should they need additional guidance. A certificate of completion is provided when all core programs are finished, however participants continue to be supported with tips and tools for up to 12 months.

Why 2Morrow?

  • Outcomes Based - Clinically-tested platform/approach that results in change. Ongoing research.
  • Easy - CoreHealth integration makes it easy to launch, use and view key metrics.
  • Behaviorally Driven - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approach. Non-judgmental, mindful, helpful.
  • Reach - Smartphone based program.
  • Affordable - Save 60% or more over traditional programs.
  • Data and Dashboard - Real-time engagement data and insights.
  • Digital Coaching - Users can message a coach from inside the app (or we can link to your coaches).
Programs include: smoking cessation, vaping cessation (for teens and young adults), weight management, stress (and anxiety) program, and chronic pain.


2Morrow screenshots

“ I am a busy working mom, but my phone is always handy,” said Jane. “I liked that I didn’t have to quit the day that I started using the app. I set quit date and then followed the steps that prepared me for that day, such as making me aware of my cravings to smoke. When my quit day arrived, I felt no pressure when I decided to delay it until my daughter’s birthday a couple of weeks later.” - User Quote