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CoreHealth's marketplace provides health and wellness vendors the opportunity to offer content, solutions and innovations to leading global wellness providers and employers.

Our Integrated Marketplace provides a place for wellness visionaries to offer your unique solutions to CoreHealth customers through our all-in-one wellness technology. Our customers pick and choose from the world's largest network of third-party, best-in-class health and well-being solutions to complement their wellness programs. We integrate each solution with our platform to provide a rich, seamless end-user experience.

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Who is CoreHealth?

CoreHealth Technologies Inc. is a total well-being technology company trusted by global companies to power their health and wellness programs. Our wellness portals help maximize health, engagement and productivity for 3+ million employees worldwide. We believe people are the driving force of organizations and supporting them to make behavior changes to improve employee health is in everyone’s best interest. With the most flexibility, customizations and integrations of any software in its class, CoreHealth’s all-in-one wellness platform helps grow great wellness companies. Simple to sophisticated, based on you. For more information, continue exploring the CoreHealth website and visit our YouTube Channel.