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Fundraising + Corporate Social Impact

MaximusLife connects healthy lifestyle choices & physical activity tracking directly with 2M+ charities. Employees automatically convert points or activity to real world social impact for a charity you choose.

Edington Associates Logo

Life Skills for Success

Edington Associates helps evolve win-win-organizations using five pillars of health management as the foundation for health, wellness, and well-being through its practical tools, a leading-edge resiliency program and its consultation practice.

SelfHelpWorks&Avidon Health Logos

Personalized Coaching

Avidon Health's SelfHelpWorks provides engaging online health coaching courses for lifestyle and disease management. Their video program incorporates evidence-based structured cognitive behavioral training (CBT) techniques to produce lasting behavior change.

PatientBond - Behavior Change Through Psychology + Technology

Behavior Change Through Psychology + Technology

PatientBond uses a proprietary psychographic model proven to motivate behavior change, improving clinical and business outcomes. PatientBond increases employee participation in wellness programs & health interventions.  

Harvard Health Online Learning Courses

Health Content

Harvard Health Publishing’s Online Learning provides educational courses delivered in engaging, easy-to-understand language. Each evidence-based interactive course is developed to help people change behaviors, manage health conditions, and achieve their goal of living healthier lives.


Financial Wellness

Best Money Moves award-winning financial wellness platform reduces workforce financial stress, including short-term loans, student debt refinancing and loan mitigation, credit builder, retirement planner, and more. Help your workforce to spend less, save more, and invest with confidence while achieving their financial goals.