Support Ninja - Full Time

  Kelowna, BC

Do you love living an active and healthy lifestyle? Are you looking for a meaningful career using technology that will help fellow humans achieve success in their wellness journey?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place! Wellness, Tech, Fun. That’s us in a nutshell. We’re dedicated to providing the world’s best technology platform for Wellness Providers. Period.

More about Us Eh? (yep, proudly Canadian)

We’re a smart and energetic bunch getting together each day (whether in person or virtually, ‘cause hey, we’re a tech company and super hip like that πŸ˜‰) to build what we believe in – a top of class Wellness platform. We bring a feature packed, intense value offering that snubs out our competition...Oh! Look at that, getting ahead of ourselves again, we just get so excited about what we do! Enough about us. Let’s take peek into what it’d be like joining our team!

Have a job that’s all work hard and no play?

Well we do both here at CoreHealth. Health, balance, wellbeing isn’t just lip service, we live and build it. BBQ’s and beach afternoons in the summer, Team Weeks twice a year with full day action packed activities out of the office. Add in industry professionals providing onsite training for an amazing week of activities and learning with your office chums, and you’ve got a recipe for good times. All just a day in the life of a CoreHealthie. Want proof? Not to boast, but we earn top employer awards every year (You impressed yet? No?! Keep reading πŸ˜‰).

Tired of never being heard, unfair treatment and hierarchies?

Ya, so are we. We boast a flat management style all the way from the day to day running’s to solving the big stuff. You have an issue? Want to change something? Question how something is being done? We’re all ears! We know that uncovering issues and great ideas come from anywhere in the company, not just the top.

For 14 years we have worked side by side with our owners. No “seagull management” here. They’re in the trenches getting their hands dirty every day (can I get a shout out to companywide regression testing!)  – no overseas management, or special treatment for big titles here.

Seeking an employer that cares about advancing your career? (and actually puts their money where their mouth is)

Not only do we pay for continued education, we make sure you’re set up for success with personalized education goals AND work time for your studies! What what?! Now there’s a win/win/win!

What about the compensation package you ask?

We don’t know what this “sunshine tax” is. We always take care of our team, which includes fantastic remuneration and amazing extended health plan plus our unique Wellness Dollars Program (‘cause hey, we are a wellness company after allπŸ˜‰). We believe you shouldn’t be penalized for a map location, but rather remunerated well for the role you do.

Oh and did we mention? We also have companywide growth bonuses! Yep that’s right, just by meeting these targets Volia! Add another 10 points to your salary! Can we get three “Hoorahs” for performance-based pay?! 

Job Description

The Support Ninja is responsible for overenthusiastically (in a good way of course!):

  • Providing product troubleshooting.
  • Breaking down technical issues for any ‘ole regular Joe.
  • Balancing a professional, yet relaxed and approachable relationship with our clients.
  • Moving in the shadows so that our clients don’t even know they were there.
  • Providing customer training and basic site configurations.
  • Striking down foes of Technical Support.
  • Educating about features and benefits of our product line.


    The following list outlines the main day to day tasks of the Ninja:

  • Front line support and training via email and telephone.
  • Troubleshooting a variety of technical and non-technical issues.
  • Provide guidance on product usage.
  • Usage of web tools to trouble shoot and for customer training purposes.
  • Provide technical support and escalation as necessary.
  • Software/Product documentation creation and maintenance.
  • Software/Product testing assistance.
  • Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Required Skills

  • Proven skills learning, working with, and troubleshooting technical software.
  • One or more years of experience as a customer support representative.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in the English language.
  • Ability to work well with a team in a fast paced, constantly changing environment and follow instructions from supervisors and senior colleagues (we’d love examples on how you’ve experienced and handled this in the past).
  • Outstanding customer service skills and a dedication to the customer service experience.
  • Dependable to be at work during assigned shifts and to complete work as expected; some overtime can be expected (approximately 5-10 hours, four times a year).
  • Experience with documenting procedures.

Niceties (but not deal breakers)

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Internet Browsers.
  • Knowledge of Gemini or a ticketing system is a plus.
  • Knowledge of HTML.
  • Knowledge of Operating Systems, and Microsoft SQL.
  • Knowledge of Javascript a plus.

    Application details:

  • This role is located at our head office in Kelowna British Columbia Canada.
  • Our support team is 24 hours so shifts to be expected to meet this coverage.
  • This is a full time (40 hours a week), salary role.
  • Please email your cover letter and resume to
  • Closing date: February 25, 2019
  • Note: New hires are required to complete a criminal record check upon employment start.

About CoreHealth Technologies

CoreHealth Technologies Inc. is the leading corporate wellness platform trusted by global wellness providers for 2+ million employees. At CoreHealth, we believe that developing the best employee wellness programs is all about giving wellness companies the right code, design and access to the latest innovations. With the most customization, integrations and reliability of any software in its class, CoreHealth’s powerful platform lets users focus on growing great wellness companies. For more information, visit our website.